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a symposium organized by students for
young researchers, coders, artists and beyond

27th/28th/29th of May 2022


State of Interim #1 was a Symposium on AI, art, computing, coding, aesthetic theory, performative practice and many more topics and intersections. The Symposium took part over three consecutive days, during the 27th / 28th / 29th of May.


We are happy to present to you our diverse and international program which combines artistic, theoretical and research focussed positions and presentations.

The participating positions are accessible online and are divided into three individual blog posts, one for each day of the event.

We thank all speakers and participants for their contributions.

Anker 1


The STATE OF INTERIM defines a halting moment, an in-between, in a continuous march of time. A temporal intervention that aims to instill a space for investigating present artifacts that readily hold the potential configurations of futures. 

Through a close engagement of our present, we wish to topple the superficially dystopian narratives that lay claim to articulate future modes of technology & human existence.


By initiating the STATE OF INTERIM we aim to assemble a set of young perspectives that provide a point of departure for the formation of new prospective horizons.

The framework laid out by the STATE OF INTERIM is intended to stage an open setting with a particular emphasis on transdisciplinarity. We therefore encourage a wide spectrum of applications, ranging from theoretical to practical and artistic positions. The STATE OF INTERIM will culminate in the format of an online symposium in which a range of positions will be given the time to present themselves and to enter into conversation. To ensure an appreciative space for every presenting person, we will remain flexible and adapt the final structure of the symposium in accordance with the participating positions. 


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Understanding prospective Artificial Intelligence not as a definite form, but as an ongoing engineering project concerned with the question of what future forms of intelligence can be, the 'STATE OF INTERIM Team' is seeking young positions in research & practice to contribute to a transdisciplinary discourse.

As a space for interdisciplinary exchange by bridging boundaries between institutions in order to leverage co-creative work, is hosting the STATE OF INTERIM as a co-organised event by students from the HFBK (University of Fine Arts Hamburg) and the Universität Hamburg.

*The symposium is mentored by the Department of Time-based Media at the HFBK.

Dalia Moniat, Legal Studies

Law Faculty @UHH (University of Hamburg)

Founder of Kaeur Studio,

AI & Art Researcher and Co-Curator

Dalia Moniat studies law in her final term at the University of Hamburg and works as a conceptionist, visual artist and multidisciplinary researcher focusing on connecting creative and innovative processes with academic and business needs.


In 2021 Dalia Moniat created the platform kaeur studio for the aim of exploring the intersection of art, design, technology and law in the context of constantly advancing digital progress.

Currently the research project “HUMANIZING AI: Artistic Perception, Consciousness and Regulation of AI-Generated Artworks” by Dalia Moniat and Sarah Steffens is being funded by the excellence strategy of the University of Hamburg. 

Sarah Steffens, Art History and Philosophy

Faculty of Humanities @UHH (University of Hamburg)

AI & Art Researcher and Co-Curator

Sarah Steffens currently studies art history and philosophy at the University of Hamburg.

Her co-curatorial work as well as art historical and artistic research is centered around AI Art and AI aesthetics.


Together with Dalia Moniat she initiated an interdisciplinary research project funded by the University of Hamburg exploring co-creative human-machine interactions and their potential and current position in art history, aesthetics and law.

Julian Asbäck, Fine Arts

Department of Time-based Media @HFBK (University of Fine Arts Hamburg)

AI & Art Researcher and Co-Curator

Julian Asbäck is currently researching the world-ing activities emerging from models of Artificial General Intelligence. His artistic practice deals with the interfaces that structure interactions in hybrid ecologies between human and computational agents. 

He is enrolled at the University of Fine Arts Hamburg in the Time Based Media Department. His recent work was part of the online publication "Flash Fiction on Alternative Networks" arranged by the Photographer's Gallery London.

Matthis Frickhœffer, Fine Arts

Department of Time-based Media @HFBK (University of Fine Arts Hamburg)

Program Manager and Co-Curator

Matthis Frickhoeffer studied Literature & Linguistics, Gender Studies and Media Theory and is currently enrolled at the HFBK Hamburg in the Time Based Media department. His artistic research focuses on post-structuralism, neo-materialism and men´s studies.  Interwoven in his artistic research are various processes of artistic expression, linking practice with sound, sculptural and video work. 

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