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HFBK Hamburg

27th/28th/29th of May 2022

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Over the course of three days the STATE OF INTERIM-Symposium 
brought together young and interdisciplinary positions on the intersection of AI and art discourse.

by Kaeur Studio Editorial Team

Under the title "Positions on forms of prospective AI" Studio Kaeur presented ten artists and research talks with a diverse and international panel of young professionals working in the fields of art, design, coding, academia and education. The symposium was funded by the HFBK Hamburg. 

This blog post highlights the first day of the symposium and the incredible people who joint us to speak about their work, interests, struggles and plans for the future. The first day presented:

Ivan Iovine                         "From social robots to plantoids:
                                            Prototyping Human-Robot Interactions using Creative AI frameworks"

Vladimir Alexeev               "Artificial Creative Intelligence"

Christopher Meerdo          "Superimposition"

Hana Yoo                            "Chambers: animal, machine and ecology of empathy

All talks and lectures are recorded and available via the Kaeur Studio YouTube page. There will be also a publication in text form of the results of the symposium. The video documentation of the second and third day will also be released soon. Join our mailing list or follow on instagram to stay up to date! 


The first day in particular had a focus on artistic practice and the possibilities of machine learning  algorithms as a mode of production and creative tool.

Ivan Iovines talk focusses on the evolution of human-robot interaction over the last few years, taking social robots and so-called empathic robots as a starting point, up to recent experiments carried out in the field of robotics inspired by animals and living organisms. Taking inspiration from the mentioned works and practices, a hands-on approach is presented to develop and prototype forms of human-robot interaction in an artistic context, using CreativeAI frameworks. 

Vladimir Alexeev presented a review of the development of new technologies towards artistic and narrative approaches – from Google Deep Dream till the most contemporary milestone in the creative AI: DALL-E. Alexeev emphasizes the creative collaboration between humans and machines – showing the audience how people can take part in this global development. He is highlighting concepts of democratization and accessibility. The talks aims to provide ressources and to take away the eventual hesitance towards new technologies.

Under the title "Superimposition" Christopher Meerdo outlines the histories of various hidden and inaccessible databases with which he has worked with over the years – including US Border Patrol confidential data, Wikileaks “insurance” documents, and CIA archives of Osama bin Laden that he used to collaborate with AI researchers at Carnegie Mellon to produce generative AI/image synthesis outputs. The presentation speaks on the the history of AI image development as a continuation of photographic indexicality, the use of predictive AI systems within law enforcement in the United States and beyond, and methodologies that artists are using to complicate and question our relationship with these new technologies.

Hana Yoos lecture performance, 'Chambers: animal, machine, and ecology of empathy’ examines the complex interrelationship between laboratory rats, wild rats and machine learning. There were animals before humans and machines. Before humans created and experimented with machines, they used and experimented on animals. Much as it seems their relationship is inextricably entangled, they are, in fact, each other—partially or entirely. Based on this complex ontology, humans have inevitably anthropomorphized animals and machines to understand them and the human self, shaping an intricate ecology of empathy. Her interdisciplinary work examines these ecologies and aims to create a new type of nonhierarchical coexistence

STATE OF INTERIM was curated and hosted by Kaeur Studio.

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Kaeur Studio
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