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kaeur studio

Kaeur [coeur] is a dynamic studio concept,
dedicated to the interdisciplinary and co-creative exploration of socially relevant topics and complex issues. 

Humanizing AI


Positions on forms of prospective AI

Virtual Symposium for young positions on
the intersection of AI and Art

Kaeur Studio I

With Kaeur Studio we open the space for
co-creative knowledge production and representation.

It is important to us to be a platform for
creation and collaboration, the diversity of voices,
works and positions of young scientists and professionals
in the fields of innovation, technology, science and art.

People, Tech Culture, Art
and Science x Kaeur Studio

Kaeur Studio II

As a pop-up research platform,
Kaeur Studio aims to explore the intersection of independent fields such as art, design and law
in the context of digital progress and to illustrate their mutual influences by showcasing tangible projects.

Keynotes, Workshops and
Idea Camps x Kaeur Studio

Innovation by Co-Creation

Exploring the intersection of art, design
and law in the age of digital transformation


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