The STATE OF INTERIM defines a halting moment, an in-between, in a continuous march of time. A temporal intervention that aims to instill a space for investigating present artifacts that readily hold the potential configurations of futures. 

Through a close engagement of our present, we wish to topple the superficially dystopian narratives that lay claim to articulate future modes of technology & human existence.


By initiating the STATE OF INTERIM we aim to assemble a set of young perspectives that provide a point of departure for the formation of new prospective horizons.

The framework laid out by the STATE OF INTERIM is intended to stage an open setting with a particular emphasis on transdisciplinarity. We therefore encourage a wide spectrum of applications, ranging from theoretical to practical and artistic positions. The STATE OF INTERIM will culminate in the format of an online symposium in which a range of positions will be given the time to present themselves and to enter into conversation. To ensure an appreciative space for every presenting person, we will remain flexible and adapt the final structure of the symposium in accordance with the participating positions.