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Our general Data Processing Agreement 

between our Participants and Kaeur Studio 

This data processing agreement is automatically concluded between Kaeur Studio and the person who registers or applies for our offers and services through our digital platform.


It specifially consists the declaration of consent for the processing and use of your data concerning the event that you want to attend. 

*This page is freshly updated regarding our recent event setting. 

For Participants, and Fellows of the "State of Interim" Event

1. please notice, that within the registration process for our upcoming "State of Interim" Event you also accept those following settings.


2. This is the form of declaration that will be automatically processed within your successful registration for our event. You can withdraw your consent. However this could be a reason for us not working with you, since we need your declaration of consent for further data processing.

I, agree that in case of acceptance into the "State of Interim" Event Program

- the results of my project work will be made available to other "State of Interim" event participants, also in the future, for scientific, training and educational purposes. The right of commercial and private use of the software developed by me explicitly remains with me, unless it is a partner/co-creation project with other participants and institutions, then a separate agreement is made between the project team, the institutions and Kaeur Studio,

- Kaeur Studio uses the results of my contribution work in further collaboration with me for upcoming scientific purposes, its own advertising purposes and for public presentation,

- I do not receive any payment for the use of my (personal) data by Kaeur Studio or for making my project results available. I accept the fact that Kaeur Studio may, in its sole discretion, offer an appreciative consideration. However, there is no legal claim to this,

- the consent to the use of said data is granted for an unlimited period of time, but expires with the dissolution of the institution,

- Kaeur Studio assumes no liability whatsoever for my project results and their use, e.g. via the website or in social media and in particular is not liable for third parties stealing content, e.g. by downloading it, without the knowledge of the institution. 


I, specifically agree that in case of acceptance and the possibility of participation during the "State of Interim" Event program

- Photo and video recordings of me will be transferred on the Kaeur Studio Website, in materials for partners as well as on the social media channels of Kaeur Studio for advertising purposes and for public presentation,

- Photographs and video recordings of myself may be part of the teaching and information material, which is reguarly made available to other participants, e.g. as a livestream or presentation.


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